Hey I'm James - an Amsterdam (NL) based pro photographer and creative director.

I also work internationally, in 2022 this has been in New York, Madrid and London. 

My passion is in fashion and music photography. 

Youth culture really. editorial, press, live, content and art.

Specifically I work to give a more beautiful expression of the people and concepts within those creative worlds. 

:This means understanding the people and identity of everyone I photograph or photograph for, thus genuine connections, tolerance of all and an appreciation for emotion are behind all the shoots and shots I do. 

On reflection, my teens and early twenties were  focussed on gaining rich understanding of cultural art theory and expression. 

I built skills in creativity and art, and the work rate execute upon ideas and deliver by trying and succeeding in the following, deep breath: theatre production, stage acting, videography, djing, stand-up, music production, TV production, radio presenting, advanced social and environmental research and the one I am of course absolutely best at...photography.

Apart from all of that, I am into sustainable fashion, electronic music, the city of amsterdam and a failing gym routine. 

Best and live good, 


Get in contact here: jsgg@icloud.com 

Instagram: jamessggallagher

Email: jsgg@icloud.com

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