My photography, videography and creative direction clients and projects in Music & Fashion & Culture: 


Photo: Paradiso, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), DGTL, Shelter,  Best Kept Secret, DOKA, Monkey Project, Parhasard, Steppin Into Tomorrow, YEREYERE, Waterkant, LEMA, Travis Allen, Indian Summer Festival, 013 Poppodium. 

Video: DGTL, ParHasard, Paradiso, Waterkant, TN1, Steppin Into Tomorrow, YEREYERE. 


Creative direction & Photography: Uniforments, Iron Roots, Shelter, Karim Abduchi, AMFI, The Squad Management, Sidestep, Sea Shepard, 


Photography: Prince Claus Fund,  Fashion For Good, Amsterdam Museum, Wereldmuseum. 

Videography & video production: BBC Live and Factual TV Production: World Busiest Cities (2017) Watchdog (2017), New Times, Tim Hague Facilitation. 

I have been active in the creative field since 2016, having experimented with mediums from TV & stage theatre production to music production & DJing. I now focus on something I continued within all these spaces photography & videography & creative direction. 

My  eclectic experience can bring a unique and versatile perspective to my approach to capturing images. Theater production can inform the use of lighting and space, understanding the art of storytelling through stage acting can be applied to creating compelling narratives within a portrait series, knowledge of videography and TV production can also bring technical proficiency and the ability to integrate moving images into a portfolio. DJing, which requires the ability to read a room and adjust the mood and energy, can be translated into adjusting the tone of a photoshoot. All these skills and experiences combined can lead to a well-rounded and dynamic approach to photography whilst releasing other vision to create. 

Previous interdisciplinary creative:

Theatre Production & Performance: Edinburgh Festival Fringe season acting and stage production 2016: CAGED at Greenside. Qualifications in physical theatre and stage fighting. 

Music Production & Performance: Club and radio sets in London, Amsterdam, Kigali 2017- 2020.  Point Blank Music School electronic music production school 2019. Commercially released productions for InsideOut Records

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